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The project is MFC/Unicode (Use Unicode Character Set). Here is a little code that get strings from an address:

	CString sOutput;
	CInternetSession session{};

	char buffer[256]; 
	CStdioFile file = session.OpenURL(address, 1, INTERNET_FLAG_TRANSFER_ASCII);
	while (UINT nRead = file->Read(buffer, sizeof(buffer - 1)))
		buffer[nRead] = '\0';
		sOutput += buffer;

The problem is that I got non-unicode string, even if CString is UNICODE (CStringW). Example:


which is non UNICODE. If I change char to wchar_t, I got even worst:


How can adapt the code to read UNICODE?

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    You mean byte by byte, at this point?
    sOutput += buffer;

    I mean that you convert the entire buffer to utf-16le BEFORE that statement. Once you have obtained a utf-16le encoded string you should be able to work with that and CString without problems.

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