Continual failure to install any Windows 11 SDK on a specific machine - does not complete

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In this Visual Studio issue, I describe my ongoing attempts (and failures) to install the latest Windows 11 SDK, either through the VS installer or using the standalone WinSDK installer. In that issue, I was finally told to open a new issue here, since it appears not to be related to VS, but seems to be entirely an issue with the WinSDK installer.

I have been unable to install any of the Windows 11 SDK versions (10.0.22621 or 10.0.22000) on a specific machine. The installer stops when it gets to "Windows SDK for UWP C++ Apps" (roughly 80% progress through the install) and then it never completes. Eventually, after 15 or more minutes waiting, I kill it. There is no CPU activity on the winsdksetup.exe processes.

I have not had this problem on other machines, where the latest Windows 11 SDKs install fine. The machine in question is running Windows 11 Pro (Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621). It is able to install Windows 10 SDK versions, such as 10.0.20348, without problems.

Hopefully you can help me sort this out so that I can "clean" whatever is preventing the proper install on this machine... ideally without requiring a full clean reinstall of Windows.

As requested in the other (VS) issue, I can attach the WinSDK installer logs from my most recent attempt.

Thank you.

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