Load data from a table (Database) to already designed columns in a datagridview

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Hello everyone.

 I have a datagridview, designed with two specific columns.

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with this code I try to fill the columns, predesigned

            Using Conexion As New SqlConnection(cadenaconexion)
                Dim consultaSQL As String = "Select CodigoProducto, DescripcionProducto from TblaDetalleFactura2 WHERE CodigoFactura =@CodigoFactura"

                Dim comando As New SqlCommand(consultaSQL, Conexion)
                comando.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CodigoFactura", txtCodigoFactura.Text)
                Dim LD As SqlDataReader
                LD = comando.ExecuteReader()

                If LD.Read() Then

                    Dim CodigoProductoEncontrado As String
                    Dim DescripcionProductoEncontrado As String

                    'Establecemos valores de la asignación, en el mismo orden de los valores de la consulta
                    CodigoProductoEncontrado = LD.GetInt64(LD.GetOrdinal("CodigoProducto"))
                    DescripcionProductoEncontrado = LD.GetString(LD.GetOrdinal("DescripcionProducto"))

                    DGVDetalle_Factura.Rows.Add(CodigoProductoEncontrado, DescripcionProductoEncontrado)

                End If
            End Using

        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("Error al intentar Cargar los Datos de los Controles",
           vbExclamation, "Error")
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message) ' Muestra el Mensaje de Error.
        End Try

The problem is that the Code only fills one row of the datagridview

Sin título02

But according to the information in the table, it should have turned out like this:

Sin título03

I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.

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    this part

    If LD.Read() Then
    End If

    Change like this

    While LD.Read()
    End While
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    Solved 100x%
    Thank you….
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