How do i fix a broken account?

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My Microsoft Account recently got screwed up because of the Personal/Work/School on Microsoft Accounts.

basically, i somehow have two separate azure accounts now with the same email and password (a personal account, and a work/school account).

The work account is blank and i want to delete it.

The personal account has all of my work and colleagues work in it and i want to keep it.

How do i delete the work account?

Why does this so called feature exist in the first place? 99% of people use a different email address for work and home and therefore this distinction us a problem at best...

I can work around this in the browser by using a private tab to log in and selecting the correct account type, however many Azure integrated software packages (Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer etc.) that i use, do not ask you for this distinction when you login, just user name and password.

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Microsoft Entra ID
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