Hyper-V 2019 - SMBClient 30822 and STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED(c000020c) issues

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i have an issue with our hyper-v cluster that i cannot resolve and like to ask you guys.

We have an hyper-v 2019 cluster with 6 hosts. They are direct attatched to an netapp system via fibre channel.

Since some time we have mulitple warnings in our failover cluster like the "STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED(c000020c)" message. You can google for that issue and always facing to an network connection to the smb share. We dont have any issues with the vms that are facing on the csv. Also no interruption in production.

Additionally there are always, with the exact same timestamp, issues in the SMBClient/connectivity eventlog.

Source: SMBClient
ID: 30822

The message tells me that the client cannot connect to the smb target. But we do not have any smb targets in our hyper-v configured. Not for CSV as for Quorum. What it makes very strange to me is, that the mention client ip address is the management ip and the server address is the ip for the livemigration ip of the target host. and for course they cannot reach each other because of different networks (vlans).

We have this issue mostly on one system. But he changed all componentes with the vendor and completely reinstalled the node. Also switched ports on the fibre channel switches and cables. the issues still appears.

So maybe someone can help. Unfortuately our systems are installed in german, so pasting the issues here is not that productive.

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