Get KeyValuePairs when using modelId="prebuilt-invoice".

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Hello :)

DocumentAnalysisClient client = new DocumentAnalysisClientBuilder()
	.credential(new AzureKeyCredential(apiKey))
SyncPoller<OperationResult, AnalyzeResult> analyzeInvoicePoller = client.beginAnalyzeDocumentFromUrl("prebuilt-invoice", url);
AnalyzeResult analyzeInvoiceResult = analyzeInvoicePoller.getFinalResult();
List<DocumentKeyValuePair> kartList = analyzeInvoiceResult.getKeyValuePairs();

List of KeyValuePairs is null when the modelId provided is "prebuilt-invoice", but is the actual key value pairs I am after when modelId="prebuilt-document". Is there a way to get key value pairs AND the processed fields you get from the prebuilt invoice model.

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    Hello @Andreas Palm Sivertsen , Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A Platform.

    The key-value pairs are supported for the prebuilt-invoice model. However, to get a better understanding of the features available for each model, I recommend visiting the Analysis feature table. This table provides a comprehensive overview of the features available for each model, including prebuilt and custom models.

    I have reproduced, and the key-values pair are generated. Here is the sample python code snippet for the pre-built invoice model to print the key-value pairs of the analyze result:

    for kv_pair in invoices.key_value_pairs:
        if kv_pair.key:
                "Key '{}' found within '{}' bounding regions".format(kv_pair.key.content,
        if kv_pair.value:
                "Value '{}' found within '{}' bounding regions\n".format(kv_pair.value.content,

    Result:User's image

    I hope this helps.


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