Issues with VS 2022 4.8 GA

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I have a .net 7 Blazor MAUI hybrid app. Downloaded 4.8 today and just as a quick test, changed it from .net 7 to 8 and tried to rebuild. The rebuild solution completely locked up my machine. Turned my laptop off and on. Two project files (.csproj) were empty.

Created a brand new .net 8 Blazor Maui hybrid app, no modifications. Performed a rebuild

error XA1018: Specified AndroidManifest file does not exist: C:\Projects\BlzMauiEquip\BlzMauiEquip\AndroidManifest.xml

In MauiProgram.cs, there is a using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging; Microsoft.Extensions is unknown.

In MauiProgram.cs, public static MauiApp CreateMauiApp()

MauiApp is unknown

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