Can't get the field "role" (always None) of a paragraph when using form recognizer python sdk

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I'm trying to extract information from a pdf. When I use the studio form recognizer (prebuilt layout), the different paragraphs are displayed as well as the role of the paragraph (title, section heading, paragraph,...).

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However, when I use the python sdk or the REST API, the paragraph role is always set to None.

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code :

document_analysis_client = DocumentAnalysisClient(         
	endpoint=endpoint, credential=AzureKeyCredential(key)) 
	with open(pdf, "rb") as f:     
	poller = document_analysis_client.begin_analyze_document(
		"prebuilt-layout", document=f, features=[AnalysisFeature.STYLE_FONT]) 
result = poller.result()   
if len(result.paragraphs) > 0:     
	print(f"----Detected #{len(result.paragraphs)} paragraphs in the document----")     
	for paragraph in result.paragraphs:         
		print(f"Found paragraph with role:'{paragraph.role})         
		print(f"...with content: '{paragraph.content}'")  

version of library :




Have any of you already had this problem?

Thanks for your time

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