Azure Site Recovery Report - Clarification on Incompatible VMs

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I've been told to ask this question in the Hyper-V section as per my previous question:

Is anyone on this forum able to help me with this?

I'm struggling to find the explanation for the incompatible VMs showing on the ASR report. They all say "VM is already replicating"

I've search on the documentation site and nothing has an obvious answer. And googled/bing'd......

A brief overview of the infrastructure:

2 x Hyper-V Clusters, Cluster 1 - (2 x Windows Server DC 2016) and Cluster 2 - (2 x Windows Server DC 2022)

1 x Standalone Windows Server DC 2016 with Hyper-V

The two clusters replicate a few machines to the standalone hypervisor.

I'm running the planner on the standalone hypervisor which will monitor the VMs from both clusters to itself.

I'm having issues with planner profiling the VMs that get replicated from the 2022 cluster, they all say "VM is already replicating". The 2016 cluster VMs are picked up fine by the planner and provide the info on the Compatible VMs tab.

Help would be appreciated.

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