Kiosk Mode for video editing

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My goal is to create an environment where the computer will only run the DaVinci Video editing software.

Our primary objectives include:

Security Measures: Restrict access to any other applications or system settings. Implement measures to prevent unauthorized changes or tampering. Exclusive Use of DaVinci Resolve: Configure the system to launch DaVinci Resolve exclusively during user logon. User-Specific Restrictions: Apply these restrictions only to specific user accounts, ensuring that other users have unrestricted access. When I set the local standard user account to kiosk mode, Davinici is not available to select as an application.

An acquaintance of mine has suggested using a Shell launcher, but I am unable to find examples of how to make this work. I have enabled this option but I have not found instructions on how to go any further on this path. That being said, it still does not solve the issue of the system being locked to the student beyond Davinci.

Given the sensitive nature of the environment, ensuring a controlled and secure computing environment is of utmost importance. If you have experience or insights into setting up such locked-down systems, I would greatly appreciate any guidance, tips, or recommendations you can provide.

I have been experimenting with Powershell to accomplish this by creating a kiosk, but I have been unsuccessful.

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