Only the last nrpt rule takes effect on Windows 10 version 1809

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I am on the Windows 10 system version 1809, using administrator privileges to open PowerShell, use the following command to add nrpt rules:

Add-DnsClientNrptRule -Namespace @("","","") -NameServers "" -PassThru

At this time, access the three domain names "","" and "" in the browser,it is found that only domain name "" will use the dns server for domain name resolution according to the nrpt rule.

If you use the "Get-DnsClientNrptPolicy -Effective" command to view the added nrpt rules,you will get the following output:


In the input content, only the nameserver attribute of rule has a value,and the nameserver attributes of other rules are empty.

The system version I am currently testing is as follows:

Version: windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

version number: 1809

Operating system version: 17763.316

Version: windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

version number: 1809

Operating system version: 17763.2237

I tested Windows 11 and Windows 8 systems and did not find this problem.

I would like to ask if anyone has encountered this problem and how to solve it; and what system versions have this problem.

(The domain name in the above command is not a real domain name, it is just for example and cannot be accessed normally.)


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