Receiving incorrect presence results on subscription

Roja Ranjith 25 Reputation points

I have a presence subscription setup where my endpoint gets notified when the Teams user presence changes.

I observe that at times, the Teams presence update receives incorrect status.

Let's say my Teams user is Available, my endpoint receives a set of updates with user status as 'Available' and then I receive an update for 'Away' or 'Busy' and then again it switches back to 'Available'.

I constantly keep observing such inconsistencies (even though the user is logged in to only 1 device at that time).

Requesting help for this issue.

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  1. Roja Ranjith 25 Reputation points

    I have included the steps and logs (with timestamp) in the attached file.


    Tenant Id: 91e213e9-498d-46b9-bc35-cd0aa9390b45

    Permissions provided:

    • Presence.Read
    • Presence.Read.All
    • Subscription.Read.All

    Do let me know if you need any additional details. I am not sure how I can share the network trace with you. Requesting you to provide details on the same.