Error during last step of Xbox services sign-in for title websites

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I have a test app setup in App Center.

I'm following the steps in this Xbox services sign-in for title websites tutorial.

The tutorial is to use a website that is can redirect to the Microsoft login using the Authorization Code grant and then get a Microsoft Access token and a few steps later end up with an X-token (XSTS token) for Xbox.

Everything works up to the very last step, I'm getting an Xbox User Token which I'm supposed to exchange for an X-token.

But when I make the request I'm getting the following error:


along with an HTTP 401 status code.

One thing to note, is that while I've configured things in Azure AD and Partner Center, and used the generated client Ids and the client secret from AD, I haven't used the generated keys from Partner Center yet and I haven't seen them mentioned in the tutorial that I'm following.

My goal is to get the user's PXUID from the X-token (hopefully it's in there), so I can use this for account linking purposes.

I'm not sure what is wrong at this point?

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