c++:How to associate the USB device and WPD device?

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I want to write a c++ program to read files on a specified mobile phone. This program receives three parameters: the USB vendor ID, the USB product ID and the USB serial number. These three parameters should identify the mobile phone.

What puzzles me is: how can I determine which WPD device corresponds to the target based on these parameters?

I think I can identirfy the target by serial number. And I try to get the serial number through WPD:

pIPortableDeviceManager->GetDevices(devIDs, &devCount);

 this->pIPortableDevice->Open(devIDs[idx], this->pClientInfo)



pProperties->GetValues(WPD_DEVICE_OBJECT_ID, NULL, &pValues);

pValues->GetStringValue(WPD_DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER, &serialNumber);

However, the serial number obtained from the WPD is different from the USB serial number:

WPD serial number: 032xxx1FDxxxD2Fxxx8B0xxxA0Axxx81

USB serial number: R5CxxxV6xxx

It looks like I can't determine which phone is the target by serial number.

I find that the device ID got from the IPortableDeviceManager::GetDevices() has the following format:


I try to understand the meaning of this string based on this documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/install/standard-usb-identifiers.

Saddly, I still don't understand the meaning of some fields:


Which id can be used to associate the USB device and WPD device?


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