Is it possible to update a m365 drives owner group whilst maintaining the original parent site?

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Hey community,

I'm wondering if one can change a Drives "owner group" (assuming it's a drive owned by a group and not a user as seen in the json below) with either the GraphAPI or the application itself.

This interests me because i'm trying to understand if a certain Teams "root site" (Team's have the same ID of a Group and it's possible to access the root site via the Group) can be the owner of a drive that is under a different non-Teams site.

Additional info:

"owner": {
                "group": {
                    "email": "",
                    "id": "1",
                    "displayName": "My non Team's group"
  • The root site is received via:{group_id=1}/sites/root
  • The current site returned is not a Team's Site, rather just a normal one.
  • I'm trying to understand if it's possible to change the group in the above JSON to a different one which is a group of a Team (has the field resourceProvisioningOptions="Team") whilst keeping the root site of the non-Team site.

Thanks in advance!

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