How to deploy an application into Azure VMSS using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines?

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I'm currently having a PHP application running in an Azure VM, now I have moved that setup to a VMSS and Load Balancer and having a VM as staging. But now, when the developer make a change each time, They will do that to the staging VM and I will take a snapshot of the image and update the VMSS image with the new version of the image. This is really a bad process. So I thought to have Azure DevOps in place to take care of the deployment. But I couldn't figure out how we can deploy to VMSS instances. I have seen the Microsoft Documentation, but didn't help much.

My idea towards it is deploying the application to the staging VM and take the image and update the VMSS all in CD pipeline process with CLI scripts.

I need some one to check whether my idea is correct or is there any better solution. If you need any further details or clarification to help me, please let me know.



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