Content in Targeted Meeting Notification does not render after re-running the MS Teams Bot app

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Previously a similar issue had been raised 2-3 months back for a bug related to this dialog content generation but there was no update afterwards from the concerned team/engineering team.
Based on the sample- provided by Microsoft, I was trying to generate a Targeted Meeting notification dialog in the teams meeting interface by creating a bot app with the help of the sample. Here is the link to my repository:

When I run my bot app for the first time, the content of a "localhost" URL renders in the notification dialog as expected, however, if I run the bot app again without any change in my code, the content of the "localhost" URL does not render anymore in the notification dialog. And when it comes to rendering content of a deployed URL which renders without any issue in the browser, such URL's content does not render in the notification dialog irrespective of whether it is the first time of running the bot app locally or not. Most likely, something seems to be getting messed in the build.

Below is how the notification dialog appears where the URL's content does not get rendered:
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I would really appreciate if we can have an update on this issue/bug.

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