How to create a chatbot with Azure OpenAI in a Blazor Web App

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Hi all,

I am currently working on a Blazor Web App and I would like to add a chatbot to the application similar to the one shown in the attached screenshot. Does anyone have any resources or tutorials that I can use to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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    I have been trying to learn through this and one of the useful links that I could found out was in the Microsoft Documentation.

    1. Set Up an Azure OpenAI Account: Begin by creating an account on the Azure portal. Follow the instructions to set up Azure OpenAI services.
    2. Get OpenAI API Key: Obtain the API key from OpenAI, which you'll use to integrate the chatbot in your application.
    3. Integrate OpenAI in Blazor Web App: In your Blazor Web App, you'll need to use HTTP requests to interact with the Azure OpenAI service. Use the OpenAI API key in your requests to generate responses from the chatbot.
    4. Implement a Chat Interface: Design and implement a chat interface in your Blazor application. You can use HTML and CSS for the UI components, and then use Blazor to handle the interactions.
    5. Handle User Input: Capture user input from the chat interface. When a user sends a message, use the OpenAI API to generate a response based on the input.
    6. Display Chatbot Responses: Update the chat interface to display responses from the OpenAI-powered chatbot. Ensure that the conversation flow is smooth and user-friendly.
    7. Testing and Iteration: Test your chatbot thoroughly, and iterate on both the UI and the interaction logic to improve the user experience.

    For a more detailed guide, Microsoft Learn site has provided a variety of resources. Here's a recommended learning path:

    Additionally, OpenAI has comprehensive documentation that can guide you through integrating their services into your application:

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