Can not convert xls file to PDF via VBA

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I created a marco for converting multiple xls file to pdf. It had worked for over 2 years but it can not work from this week... When I run it shown error " documents not saved". Is there any one can help me ?


    Dim MyPath, MyName, PDFName As String
    Dim sFileName As String
    Dim isPrintHideSheet

    MyPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\"

    MyName = Dir(MyPath & "*.xls") 'Get file name
     isPrintHideSheet = 0 'No need to print hidden sheet

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    Do While MyName <> ""

        If MyName <> ThisWorkbook.Name Then

            Set wb = GetObject(MyPath & MyName) 
            If isPrintHideSheet >= 1 Then

               For i = 1 To wb.Worksheets.Count

                   wb.Worksheets(i).Visible = 1 

            End If

            PDFName = Left(MyName, Application.WorksheetFunction.Find(".", MyName) - 1)
            sFileName = MyPath & PDFName & ".pdf"
            Debug.Print sFileName

            wb.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=sFileName, Quality:=xlQualityStandard, IncludeDocProperties:=True, IgnorePrintAreas:=False, OpenAfterPublish:=True
            Debug.Print PDFName

            wb.Close False

            Set wb = Nothing

        End If

        MyName = Dir


    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    MsgBox "Completed"

End Sub
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