I am using the azure policy to whitelist the domain for outbound connectivity from Azure Data Factory to other services. But facing issues in connectivity due to throttling applied on policy.

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I am using the azure policy (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/configure-outbound-allow-list-azure-policy) which is applied at resource group level. This policy is working as expected and is only allowing outbound connectivity to the whitelisted linked services url's.

But I am facing some throttling issues as mentioned in the document, For an individual Azure Data factory: 1,000 requests / 5 minutes. Only 1,000 activity runs can be executed in a 5-minute period. Subsequent run requests fail once this limit is reached.

But even after lot of time with no requests, the connectivity always fails to the whitelisted linked service. Is it like once I exhaust the above limit then no further request will be successful and there is no reset time for the above applied throttling??
If from azure data factory studio I disable this policy, the connectivity again starts working as expected, enabling again results in same error.

Error ->
'["Connector or activity name: dfs_storage_in, connector or activity type: AzureBlobFS, error: Calling partner RP EvaluatePolicyAsync returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden', ReasonPhrase Forbidden","Connector or activity name: erds_sql, connector or activity type: AzureSqlDatabase, error: Calling partner RP EvaluatePolicyAsync returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden', ReasonPhrase Forbidden"]'

Also wanted to know when is the official release of this azure policy planned if any idea? As I am planning to use it in my project.

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