Printing to Some Files from Macro Getting Stuck in Queue

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We have a macro that makes some changes to documents and prints them to a file. We've been using this macro since at least Word 2010 Pro and it works fine in 2016 Pro, but Word 365 is causing the print jobs for SOME documents to get stuck in the queue showing nothing in the "Status" column in the print queue window.

As a point of note: We store our documents and templates on a network drive and have been having a TERRIBLE time with re-opening documents in Word 365 and having it decide that it all of a sudden doesn't trust a document or template, even through we'd been working on it previously with everything coming from the same locations. Haven't managed to figure that problem out yet.

If I create a new document, the macro works fine. If I create a new document and paste the contents from one of the problematic documents, the macro works fine. If in Windows Explorer I simply copy and paste the troublesome document (creating the usual [filename] - Copy.docx file) the macro works fine. Manually printing the problematic document to a file works.

If the file is copied from the network drive to a local drive, the macro still does NOT work.

Is there something Word 365 can do to a print job that involves security of some sort that would cause the print job to not process and become stuck in the queue?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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