Questions about which accesses to grant to a managed identity to access keys and secrets from Azure Key Vault

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I'm creating a managed identity for a user. This user is an API of mine (running outside the Azure environment) and needs to access a key I have in a vault in Key Vault. However, I don't want this API to be able to read, display, or alter my key in any way, only import it and use it to make a request. The key is of type PRIVATE KEY (asymmetric keys). When configuring a new access policy in my Key Vault, what kind of permission should I grant to have access only as described in this message? In my understanding, it would be just GET. However, when configuring the access policy, what are encryption operations? Should I grant any access in this section for the API to properly use the key?

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    Hi @Fabrício Fortaleza ,

    Yes, you are correct that you should grant the "Get" permission for secrets to allow the API to retrieve the key from the Key Vault. To grant your API access to the key in your Key Vault, you can create a new access policy and assign it to the managed identity of your API. If you only want your API to access a specific secret in your Key Vault, you only need to grant the "Get" permission for that secret. But if you need the API to have access to other secrets, you should also include the "List" permission.

    Encryption operations are the operations that can be performed on the key itself, such as encrypting or decrypting data using the key. If you only want your API to use the key for making requests and not perform any encryption operations, you shouldn't need to grant any permissions in this section.

    Additional resources and tutorials:

    Using Identities for Key Vault Access

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