the database has exhausted the free vCore seconds; other limitations of free account

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I set up a free account a few days ago and seem to have already exhausted parts of the allocation already.

The most recent is when attempting to perform a sql server operation (sql azure) I got this message:

Login failed as the database has exhausted the free vCore seconds allocated for the month of November 2023 and cannot be resumed until 12:00 AM (UTC) on December 01, 2023. To regain access to the database immediately, you can choose to enable overage billing and be charged for the additional usage. Refer to for instructions. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 42119)

I can't find out how to do that. The url offered doesn't seem relevant. I wanted to open a support ticket but all I get there are links to pages about azure, with no option to communcate with an agent. So here I am. How do I enable overcharge billing for the database? It seems like it should be easy to find this on the web but I can't.

Once I enable overcharge billing, I suppose that applies to all of my azure services, not just the database?

I guess the amount of tasking they allow with a free account is pretty small. All I did was to move 1m rows up to the azure sql db.

The other limitation I seem to have run into is that after I spun up a windows 10 vm on azure, I wanted to also spin up a server OS instance of windows. But if I recall, that hit a brick wall because a free account is only allocated 4 vcores, and I'd used one already for the win10 vm, and any server OS needs to have 4 allocated.

It all seems pretty darn stingy. I can't realistically evaluate anything non-trival with a free account.

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    In the Azure portal if you navigate to your database -- Settings -- Compute + storage blade -- Free database offer -- Continue using database with additional charges. Once you make this change you should be able to use the database again and it will go against the $200 first month free subscription credit.

    Azure SQL Database free offer FAQ

    The above applies to the Azure SQL Database free offer, not other resources. The $200 is for any resource, not just Azure SQL Database.

    In terms of vCPUs, you can run server OS on less than 4 vCPUs if needed. How many vCPUs you need depends on the workload you plan to run within the VM.

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