Receiving Outlook webhook event data intermittently

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This might be a long shot, but has anyone experienced their Outlook webhook subscriptions only sending event data occasionally? I have a wehook subcription for when I receive new Outlook emails in my inbox (/me/mailfolders('inbox')/messages). But my notificationUrl where the event data is sent to seems to only receive the data intermittently. I've tested automated hourly emails as well as manually sending emails to myself, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern to when my notificationUrl is hit. This is my current webhook subscription if it helps:

      "id": "cac9d290-dd2e-4a73-b854-f3d085f66e5a",
      "resource": "/me/mailfolders('inbox')/messages",
      "applicationId": "689ea72d-f42f-4943-aa5a-b7f1e4703acf",
      "changeType": "created",
      "clientState": null,
      "notificationUrl": "https://******",
      "notificationQueryOptions": null,
      "lifecycleNotificationUrl": null,
      "expirationDateTime": "2023-11-30T02:22:57.729Z",
      "creatorId": "0003BFFD1DE7010C",
      "includeResourceData": null,
      "latestSupportedTlsVersion": "v1_2",
      "encryptionCertificate": null,
      "encryptionCertificateId": null,
      "notificationUrlAppId": null
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