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Hi everyone,

I'm developing an Python Function App locally which is triggered by messages on Event Hubs. Instead of using Event Hubs' Data Generator, I use its Rest Api to send single message or batches.

I performed 9 Api calls of single events, and I could processed them with the function. However, I realized that every time I save changes in VS Code, the function restarts (like if it were nodemon in Node) and suddenly executes and read messages from Event hub.

¿How can this be posible? The messages were already consumed. And it's been happening all day, the same messages.

could anybody help understand this behaviour?

Best regards

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  1. JananiRamesh-MSFT 23,651 Reputation points

    @Jona Thanks for reaching out. It is possible that the messages are being reprocessed every time the function app restarts because the messages are still present in the Event Hub. When a function app is restarted, it will reprocess any messages that are still present in the Event Hub.

    To avoid reprocessing the same messages, you can try the following:

    Use a checkpointing mechanism to keep track of the last processed message. This will ensure that the function app only processes new messages that have not been processed before.

    Configure the Event Hub to retain messages for a shorter period of time. This will ensure that messages are not retained in the Event Hub for a long time and are processed quickly.

    Once the message is sent to the EventHub, it will be retained until the retention period expires any no. of consumers who knows the connection string of the particular EventHub can connect to it and it can read the events.

    Note: it’s not like service bus where the message gets deleted once it is read.

    Reference: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/servicebus/data-retention-in-event-hubs

    do let me know if you have any queries.

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  2. Jona 475 Reputation points


    This my hosts.json

      "version": "2.0",
      "logging": {
        "applicationInsights": {
          "samplingSettings": {
            "isEnabled": true,
            "excludedTypes": "Request"
      "extensionBundle": {
        "id": "Microsoft.Azure.Functions.ExtensionBundle",
        "version": "[4.*, 5.0.0)"
      "extensions": {
        "eventHubs": {
          "maxEventBatchSize" : 10,
          "minEventBatchSize" : 5,
          "maxWaitTime" : "00:05:00",            
          "batchCheckpointFrequency" : 1,
          "initialOffsetOptions" : {
              "type" : "fromStart"
              "mode" : "exponential",
              "tryTimeout" : "00:01:00",
              "delay" : "00:00:00.80"

    As you see, the property about the frecuency the checkpoint is made (batchCheckPointFrecuency)

    am I missing something??

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