SPA in B2C can't successfully get a token for API in a different tenant

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I have a scenario where I have two apps, one client application (SPA)(Client A), which is a frontend that connects to an API (API B). Client A lives in a B2C tenant and API B lives in the main tenant (the parent tenant).

After having created API B's presence in the B2C tenant, I was able to assign a Delegated permission in Client A to API B, gave it Admin Consent, and it seems properly configured.

Then, once MSAL.js tries to .acquireTokenSilent to API B passing the refresh token, the following message appears in both the client console (browser) and in the audit logs of the B2C tenant.

    "error": "invalid_request",
    "error_description": "AADB2C90117: The scope 'api://00000-0000-111111-222222/client' provided in the request is not supported.\r\nCorrelation ID: 98f8e66e-a14f-4810-9b11-4711b777c4b9\r\nTimestamp: 2023-11-29 21:57:11Z\r\n"

If I extract the request issued to the B2C tenant /oauth2/v2.0/token, it looks like this (I suppressed noisy headers etc)

curl --location 'https://<MY B2C TENANT><MY B2C TENANT>' \
--data 'client_id=<CLIENT A CLIENT ID>&scope=<API B SCOPE ENCODED>%20openid%20profile%20offline_access&grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=<A REFRESH TOKEN>&X-AnchorMailbox=Oid%3A42a06d16-5a71-454a-8837-6b1ca50573a7-b2c_1a_signup_signin_passwordless_only%40bd5991ad-26aa-4baf-97f3-35faac353b53'

Any idea?

EDIT: some other reflections
If this perhaps means that B2C custom policies doesn't support multi-tenancy. What's can I can have a SPA + using custom policies call an API in the parent (external) tenant? Even if I added a new identity provider, users that exist in the B2C tenant don't exist in the parent tenant. Should I instead create an API (API C) in the B2C tenant, where Client A obtains a token for it (as a local app), then API C generates a token for API B on behalf of the user? Would it change anything? Or I am missing something?

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