In an Azure Data Flow, use a DataSet and set dynamic value/paremeter of DataFlow into the parameter for the DataSet. Possible ?

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I have a dataset to a Linked Service where I can set as parameter :

  • server name
  • Database Name
  • UserID
  • Password

and for the table aslo the schema and the table name:

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In the Dataset I can preview the data : OK

So I would like to set some value into my Data Flow when connecting for source:

is this possible
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as If I set fix value it works but seems not working when using Data Flow parameters

Maybe not possible or syntax is not correct ?


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    Hi ,

    You want to use data flow param value for the data set params, am I right?

    What you are showing is debug setting. It is just used for debug session.

    If you want to use the same set of values as you pass to data flow param, go to pipeline, click on data flow activity, and then click settings tab.

    In the setting tab,.you will be seeing the dataset parameters where you need to pass the values 'gccs' for table name. This will be used during run time, by the data set references by the data flow.

    Hope that is clear. Please try and let us know.

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