How to make multiple replication in one server to another

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I'm planning to do replicate data from one server to another.

I have done one part of the replication, but, when i am trying for second replication i'm struggling to do this. below is my requirement.

I have 3 SQL server and i want to transfer data from one server to another using replication.

For example,

Below is the three servers.

Server-1, Server-2 and Server-3

**First,**Already i have a replication from Server-2 to Server-3 with different database and same table structure. - Already done this

Server-2 DB Name : Prod_A (Table name : material (mat_id,mat_name,mat_date)

Server-3 DB Name : Prod_B (Table name : material (mat_id,mat_name,mat_date)

Second, i want to make one more replication from Server-1 to Server-2 to with same database with same table structure

Server-1 DB Name : Prod_A (Table name : material (mat_id,mat_name,mat_date)

Server-2 DB Name : Prod_A (Table name : material (mat_id,mat_name,mat_date)

What is the best way to do multiple replication in the above requirement..?

This is very urgent and i'm struggling to do in next step..

pls. help us to resolve this..?

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