Generating Registered Applications in Azure, and the users that is granted access to the application

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Hi Everyone.

$apps = Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -All:$true | ? {$_.Tags -eq "WindowsAzureActiveDirectoryIntegratedApp"} 

($apps | ForEach-Object { 
Write-Host "Application Name: $($_.DisplayName)"     
Write-Host "Application ID: $($_.AppId)"     
Write-Host "Authorized Users:"     
Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $_.ObjectId | Select-Object -ExpandProperty PrincipalDisplayName | Sort-Object -Unique | ForEach-Object {Write-Host "  - $_"}  }) | Export-Csv -Path C:\AzureApps.csv -NoTypeInformation 

I have a problem with this code. My CSV output doesn't contain anything. But I see what I want to export with the write-host.

I am also hoping that I can return the email address of the accounts rather than the displayname and the option to filter it to return only if the email address does not contain, or

Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $_.ObjectId | Select-Object -ExpandProperty PrincipalDisplayName | Sort-Object -Unique | ForEach-Object {Write-Host "  - $_"}
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  1. Ian Xue (Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd.) 34,271 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello Mike,

    You could try with the below sample:

    $app= get-azureadserviceprincipal -all $true | where {$_.tags -eq "<Your app tag>"}
    foreach($entry in $app){
      write-host "Application Name: $($entry.displayname)"
      $assignments=get-azureadserviceapproleassignment -objectid $entry.objectid
      write-host "No app assignments found"
      foreach($assignment in $assignments){
        $user= get-azureaduser -filter "Displayname eq '$($assignment.principaldisplayname)'" | select userprincipalname,mail 
        if($user.mail -notlike "<Your domain name>"){
          write-host "user $($user.mail) has app role assigned in app $($assignment.resourcedisplayname)"}

    The result I got was:

    User's image

    I have 3 app role assigned for msalapp1 in total and with the filter only one showed in the result. This should be your expectation.

    If you need to exclude 2 domains, a nest if justification will be required since "or" condition can be passed in this case. Also, if you want an output, you can add the export function after the "if" justification for user mail.

    Best Regards,

    Ian Xue

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