I created a brand new, free (100k vcore/32GB) Azure SQL Database, but even though nothing is using it, it's draining my vCores remaining.

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I created a brand new, "free" (100k vCore/32GB) Azure SQL Database, but even though nothing is using it, it's draining my vCores remaining. I don't even have any tables yet. No connections to it. Nothing. Yet my remaining vCores are steadily reducing. I'm thinking it's storage usage, but since I haven't enabled "Continue using database for additional charges" I am unable to change the storage size or enable pausing. Is this the intended behavior? I ask because I'm still developing and I'm worried that by the time I'm ready to use the database, I'll have no remaining free usage.usage

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    Hi Pete,

    From your description what you are experiencing is not normal.

    When you create Azure SQL Database Free database offer it should be set to auto-pause in 1 hour. If you don't connect to it or do anything that would prevent auto-pausing, the database should switch to Paused (you can see this on Overview blade) in a little over an hour after creation, and all vCore second charges should stop.

    Please reference below article for reasons why database will resume and troubleshooting auto-pause:


    Since we are at beginning of month the 100,000 seconds has reset so you should try to resolve the issue as soon as possible to preserve most of your free seconds. If I know I'm not going to use the free database for a while I set Max vCore to 1 and Min to .5 just in case it resumes to limit how fast it depletes seconds. Not a solution to your issue but I thought I would mention it.

    If the troubleshooting document above doesn't fix it for you I would suggest you delete the database and server (I'm assuming you have no data yet) and re-create it fresh, trying to leave everything as default. After it has finished creating, wait about 1½ hours and then verify that it is Paused.

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