Missing values from the Body when accessing CosmosDB from Power BI

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I'm Power BI to access a CosmosDB. I set up the connection through the Wizard under "Integrations" on the Cosmos DB account in the portal.

When retrieving the documents in Power BI, certain parts of the JSON-documents are missing. The JSON is still valid, it's only missing some properties. This is only true for some documents, but all the problematic documents are related to a couple of partitions.

Attaching screenshots of the document in CosmosDB. Here you can see that the objects in collection_data contains 3 parameters, Name, Value, Unit.


Also attaching screenshot of the same document in PowerBI. It is not transformed in any way, just loaded. Here you can see that the objects only have 2 parameters and they're both lowercase.


I need some further pointers on how to debug this, as the connection between Cosmos DB and Synapse is sort of a black box for me. I guess that the problem could be related to differences in schemas between the working and non-working partitions, but I'm not sure how to debug further.

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