Container app environment "couldn't be found" when running "func azurecontainerapps deploy"

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I'm trying to create an Azure function that runs in a docker image

I've created an Azure function app, pushed my image to my own container registry, created a local project using Azure core tools and I'm trying to run the command

func azurecontainerapps deploy --name “<name of container app>” --environment “<name of container app environment>” --storage-account “<storage account connection string>” --resource-group <my resource group> --image-name <my image name>

I followed all the steps here:

And when I run the above command, after selecting Python in the interactive prompt I get the output": The environment "<name of my container app env>" couldn't be found.

Select a number for worker runtime:
1. dotnet
2. dotnet (isolated process)
3. node
4. python
5. powershell
6. custom
Choose option: 4
The environment "<name of container app environment>" couldn't be found.

I checked and all the resources from my command exist and the names are correct.

What am I missing ?


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