I want to perform an outlook login, so that I can get calendar events. should I register the application as ad b2c or any suggestions regarding it. I have also tried doing it by registering the application but I have some issues regarding the tokens.

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I have registered my application in both ad b2c and as a normal application. after trying to login through Outlook, I am only receiving an access token but no refresh token; even though I have included offline_access in my scope. I received the error: OutlookAPIError: ErrorCode: 'PP_E_RPS_CERT_NOT_FOUND'. Message: ' Internal error: spRPSTicket->ProcessToken failed. Failed to call CRPSDataCryptImpl::UnpackData: Internal error: Failed to decrypt data. : Failed to get session key. RecipientId=293577. spCache->GetCacheItem returns error.:Cert Name: (null). SKI: 00ec83bf497a3dc095bbcf649b3bea6669160019...'. While trying to login through my normal account(not as ad b2c), I am receiving the refresh token as well, but I am unable to use the token to get a new access token. I did give all the API permissions, set the identity provider for Microsoft using the client ID and secret and I have created a client secret. I am receiving this error:

 "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "AADSTS50020: User account '{EmailHidden}' from identity provider 'live.com' does not exist in tenant 'Default Directory' and cannot access the application 'ac4a2eb9-54c9-4e34-bb6a-8256a955b7d2'(remindMe) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account. Trace ID: d7956bc0-254f-4265-9784-5e0008727900 Correlation ID: 6f7c9552-7c00-449d-a0f9-b7025c2c0664 Timestamp: 2023-12-03 16:11:18Z"
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Microsoft Entra External ID
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    Hi @vegeta psych ,

    Thank you for posting this in Microsoft Q&A.

    I understand you want to perform an outlook login, so that you can get calendar events.

    This Eror AADSTS50020 occurs in various scenarios. To resolve this issue, Follow the below steps:

    1.Register your application as Enterprise application

    Sign into the Microsoft Entra admin center -> Browse to Identity > Applications > App registrations and select new registration.

    Enter name of the application and make sure to select supported account type as Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts **(**supports both Microsoft and personal accounts)

    2.API Permissions: Add permissions for Microsoft Graph API and grant admin consent for the application.

    Calendars.ReadBasic, Calendars.Read, Calendars.ReadWrite

    3.When you get an access token, make sure to set URL as https://login.microsoftonline.com/commonand call the Event API endpoint.

    For your reference: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/calendar-list-events?view=graph-rest-1.0&tabs=http

    To get refresh tokens please refer this document

    Hopes this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.


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