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We have a demo vm, it's not used for production, its a Standard B4ms, we use it to run some development and testing. What are the good ways to reduce cost. It has gone up quite a bit, I understand that I can purchase a cost plan. I don't see why the cost is so high, is it beacruse of usage? Can it be good to turn it off every night?

It runs a SQL server on it and som other services, but it should really be under any kind of presure.

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Azure Virtual Machines
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Azure Cost Management
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  1. Jackson Martins 10,136 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Stefan Jarrah
    There are several strategies, I will talk about some options:

    If the VM isn't needed 24/7, set up an auto-shutdown schedule to turn off the VM during non-working hours. For example, turning it off overnight and during weekends can reduce costs.

    Using Azure Spot VMs can be a very effective way to reduce costs, especially for workloads tolerant of interruptions.

    SQL Server licensing can be a significant cost. Consider using a machine with a separate license and using your own license, or as it is just a test environment, perhaps using SQL Server in a trial period


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  2. Andreas Baumgarten 103.9K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Stefan Jarrah ,

    in addition to Jackson Martins:

    Which kind of virtual disk type (size and disk type like Standard HDD, Standard SSD or Premium SSD) are you using on this VM?

    Maybe it makes sense to use a cheaper disk type compared to the current disk type. Also verify if the disk size fits the needs (not only size but I/O performance requirements as well) without to much unused disk space.

    Be aware: Storage costs of disk are charged no matter the VM is running or deallocated. As long as the disk(s) exist you will be charged for the storage.

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    Andreas Baumgarten

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  3. kobulloc-MSFT 26,131 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello, @Stefan Jarrah !

    There are some great answers here from Jackson Martins and Andreas Baumgarten which I will echo but I want to make sure we cover key discounts like Azure Reservations.

    What are different ways I can save money on my VM?

    There are two categories of approaches for reducing your virtual machine costs: Maximize the amount of discounts that you take advantage of and scale or use less resources.

    Maximize discounts

    • Azure reservations: You can reduce your costs by up to 72% by committing to a one-year or three-year plan.
    • Azure spot instances: You can reduce your costs by up to 90% if your workload can be interrupted by taking advantage of unused Azure capacity.
    • Azure Hybrid Benefit: Save up to 85% by bringing your Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises licenses to Azure (savings calculator).
    • Try different regions: VM costs vary from region to region and sometimes it's possible to save a good amount by simply switching to a neighboring region. There are several resources for comparing prices available online.

    Scale/use less

    • Auto-shutdown: You can configure your VM to automatically shutdown when not in use to reduce cost during off hours or when not needed.
    • Deallocate your VM: Make sure your VM is deallocated when not in use if not using auto-shutdown.
    • Azure Advisor: Analyzes your resources and gives you personalized recommendations to optimize cost, performance, reliability, and security.
    • Resize your VM: You can resize your VM if you aren't using it's full potential to meet your needs more efficiently.
    • Use Virtual Machine Scale Sets: At larger scales, Virtual Machine Scale Sets can adjust automatically depending on demand or on schedule.
    • Optimize VM resources: Look at your VM resources like your storage/disks to see if there's additional room for optimization.
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