How do we remove all references to BING

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I have been asking this question for years and still have not got an answer. We need to remove all references to BING on windows 10/11

Now, I often get, "Here is how to remove BING search engine". Please do not send me there. BING Search engine has been fully removed from ALL browsers. Yet, every browser I have gets re-directed to (Google is my default search engine). This is, and has been a problem for years. It destroys API calls.

If the BING web search was accurate, relevant, and worth 2 cents, I would use it, however, BING.COM search results are terrible, in-accurate, and often quite questionable (Sending to porn stuff) Not only that, but we have to remove the BING chatbot references. From defaulting BING Chatbot on Edge browser. (I continually remove, yet it continually comes back)

Any installer with the word "BING" in it has been removed. Cortana has been removed. All the Microsoft Bloatware has been removed (It always returns)

I need my computer(s) (Business environment) functional, not destroyed by Microsoft bloatware, BING and other questionable microsoft software.

please help!

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