How to make Azure Databricks cluster outbound connectivity consistent with 1 public outgoing IP address?

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I've setup an Azure Databricks service that should get outbound connectivity through an Azure Firewall, which in turn makes sure that all outbound traffic is routed through a single public IP address.

As suggested by a Microsoft auto generated solution I have done the following:

  • Used a VNet injected workspace, as suggested in this article (referenced by Microsoft):

  • And applied this article (referenced by Microsoft):

This works! Also when stopping and starting the Databricks cluster, the same public IP address is used.

However; when stopping and starting the firewall, on occasion the Databricks cluster cannot get outbound connectivity at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I can't find a possible reason or inconsistency in the way things are invoked.

The method I'm using to stop and start the firewall (and Databricks cluster) is:

Yesterday this worked perfectly, today no luck and nothing has changed in the Azure setup.

The output of the start- and stop firewall scripts are 99% the same every time, with the only difference being new e-tags. Sometimes when I manually stop / start the Firewall it suddenly starts working, and a next time it doesn't. So basically: inconsistent behaviour without infra changes.

Things I've tried to fix the problem:

  • One method:
    • Stopping the firewall "manually" via the automation runbook
      • Waiting for x amount of minutes to make sure it's actually stopped
        • Starting the firewall manually via the automation runbook
          • Starting the Databricks cluster either manually or via the workflow
            • Checking for outbound connectivity with a simple http request
  • Another method:
    • Stopping and starting the firewall as described above
      • Running a databricks notebook, which invokes the cluster start
        • Checking for outbound connectivity with a simple http request

As said: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't; no outbound connectivity is possible at all.

Any suggestions as to where I could investigate the possible cause of this are much appreciated.

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