SCOM 2019 Data Warehouse Timeout

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We have a SCOM 2019 instance running since a few years without problems.

Since 2-3 weeks we are getting error events (31552 Health Service Modules) about failing to store data in the Data Warehouse with an execution timeout Expired description.

Our SQL team checked the SQL Server and they don't see any SQL issues.

The timeout was 30 minutes, for testing we increased it to 45 minutes, but the result is the same.

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Data Warehouse configuration synchronization process failed to write data to the Data Warehouse database. Fehler beim Speichern von Daten im Data Warehouse.

Ausnahme 'SqlTimeoutException': Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Operation cancelled by user.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

The statement has been terminated.

Timed out stored procedure: ManagementPackInstall

Current Timeout Value: 2700 second(s)

This timeout can be increased by adding a registry key (type: dword 32 bit, value: revised timeout in seconds) named : Command Timeout Seconds at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Data Warehouse.

Mindestens ein Workflow ist hiervon betroffen.

Workflowname: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Synchronization.Configuration

Instanzname: Data Warehouse Synchronization Service

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  1. Marius Ene 335 Reputation points

    Hi ,

    There could be multiple causes for your issue. Please have a look at the following article from Kevin Holman:

    The most common issues causing the 31552 events seen are:- A sudden flood (or excessive sustained amounts) of data to the warehouse that is causing aggregations to fail moving forward.- The Exchange 2010 MP is imported into an environment with lots of statechanges happening.- Excessively large ManagedEntityProperty tables causing maintenance to fail because it cannot be parsed quickly enough in the time allotted.- Too many tables joined in a view or query (>256 tables) when using SQL 2005 as the DB Engine- Poor SQL performance issues (typically disk I/O latency)- Using SQL standard edition, you might see these randomly at night, during maintenance as online indexing is not supported using SQL standard edition.- Messed up SQL permissions- Too much data in the warehouse staging tables which was not processed due to an issue and is now too much to be processed at one time.- Random 31552’s caused my DBA maintenance, backup operations, etc..

    Marius ENE ( )

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