Deploying a DC as an Enterprise App

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Hi Everyone, Can someone help me. I have experience with onprem and Azure servers however I encountered something this week which has baffled me. I have found a DC for a client that is deployed as an Enterprise App. I have seen VMs deployed as DCs and I have see Entra Domain Services deployed however this one said it was an Enterprise App, however when I looked at Enterprise Apps in Entra ID I could not see a reference to it. It pings and responds to DNS queries but there is no desktop. No RDP, no VM, nothing. I asked one of the consultants about it and he gave me two different answers. At first he said Microsoft had deployed it this way and then he told me it was containerised. After the last answer I looked to see if they had container instances which they do not, so when I queried it again he told me it was containerised from an On Prem Server. So how would that be visible in Azure? If someone can give me URLs or help me understand this I would appreciate it. It is clearly more advanced that my understanding and I really want to get my head around it.

Microsoft Entra
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