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How to access ADFS externally with web app

I really need someone to help me out now since i spent days learning and doing labs and i finally made it but not completely. I have 3 VMs, 1 DC, ADFS server and ADFS proxy server with 2 NICs. Internally i can reach the ADFS login page with and its working. But i want to be able to reach the ADFS externally, so i created a public DNS record for and pointed it to my public ip and in my router i configured port forwarding so that when the request comes in, it should be sent to my ADFS proxy server which will pass it to the ADFS server and etc.
But when i try to reach the ADFS externally i get error message this site cant be reached. took too long to respond.

So i need help to be able to reach the ADFS over the internet, can someone help me out with what to do and how ?
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What a boring forum, so after 4hours no one can even give me tips on what to do ? I taught this was suppose to be where the "experts " are.

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Keep in mind this is a community based forum. It is possible that the community has other priorities at the moment.
Hopefully you will get an answer soon!

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Have you validated that the WAP (ADFS proxy) works? For example by trying to access that page locally on the WAP server. What is the result?

Also make sure you are not doing some TLS/SSL inspection in between the WAP and the ADFS server (it breaks the TLS authentication between the WAP and the ADFS server).

Note that you do not need multiple NICs on the WAP. So far nothing indicate that you have an ADFS issue.

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I guess this post is connected to:
If so, can we considered this as a network issue and not an ADFS issue and close this? What do you think?

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