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INTUNE installation/Add Unable to Login

We are having an issue deploying new equipment to our AzureDomain via Intune. We get locked out of the new hardware 50%+ of the time and have to begin the process all over again.
By 'Locked out' I mean we are unable to login to the Windows10 PC with any credentials (we are not using any other hardware, or mobile devices just windows 10 PC"s.)
There are no local users via this process only the roles added via enrollment to the local administrators group are present. So once that/those users are not able to login the machine is bricked and we have to reload and start over.
This is more than frustrating as you my imagine.
We have added the steps of adding a local administrator at first login of an EM(enrollment manager) account. but even that account is locked out the majority of the time. Gathering logs and information on this issue has been near impossible since the machines with the issue are inaccessible. We have 1 machine that has done this 'lock out' "feature" that still allows the local administrator account to login and that is were I was able to gather these logs from and try to decipher what is going on.
We need assistance here as this is NOT functional process and we seem to be the only ones experiencing the issue??
Here is our process out of the box.
AutoPilot Joining a machine. Intune provisioning. White Glove deployment.
Get-windowsautopilotinfo.script run.
5xWindows provision.
EM login create local account.
Applications installed.
Solarwinds monitoring
Nuance PDF
BarracudaMessage Arc.
Cofense Reportr.
Failure to authenticate...
can happen at any time after the 5xwindows key provisioning process.

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@Georgegingras, For the issue during Autopilot, in general, we will collect Autopilot MDM log or Event Tracing to troubleshoot We can see the steps in the following links:
Note: Non-microsoft link, just for the reference.

From your description, it seems the issue is that the end user unable to login the Windows machine during Autopilot. For such issue, AAD support engineer also needs to be involved. To support our customer with good user experience and help our customer in more efficient way, we provide many channels to help our customer to fix the issue. For the case that needs log analysis. Phone support or email support can be better. Here, we suggest to collect the above logs and open a case to work on this. To open case, we can follow the steps in the following link:

Hope it can help.

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