Update the existing bookmark using bookmark ID Does not work, And create bookmark works with no response in Body.

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I tried to list the bookmarks that are currently in the organization and also tried to update the existing bookmarks using the bookmark ID as per the Microsoft Graph API beta documentation. I tried to execute the operation through graph REST API beta using Microsoft Graph Explorer with delegated access and used Postman with app-only access. All the necessary permissions mentioned in the documentation and even additional permissions are given to application. Other APIs like creating the bookmark, deleting the bookmark works well.


When trying to list all the bookmarks in the organization, the request is successful but the body of the response is blank.

Also when trying to update the existing bookmark using bookmark ID, the request is successful but the bookmark is not getting updated with the value I given. Please refer to the attached screenshots.


  1. Is there a problem with the bookmark graph beta API?
  2. Is there a timeline or roadmap on when the stable version for the bookmarks graph API will be released?
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