Copy Dataverse data into Azure SQL using Synapse Link - Initial data is not loaded

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The intended setup is to link Dynamics environment to PowerApp and use Synapse Link to copy data to ADLS. From there ADF template is used to incrementally load data to Azure SQL. In short:

Dynamics -> Synapse link -> ADLS -> ADF -> ASQL

I followed word for word the setup for the Synapse Link and used the ADF template.

The data is copied to ADLS:

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The pipeline runs successfully and picks up incremental data, however, the initial load never happens. Is this the expected behaviour?Any advice?


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    Hi, the template has a bug. you can solve it:

    • On Data Flows, change the "getMaxVersion" source option query to (update 0 with -1):
    "SELECT COALESCE(MAX(versionnumber),-1) AS maxversion FROM " + $dbschema + "." + $prefix + $entity 
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