Direct API POST method to another URL

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Good morning, afternoon or night!! Dear all, I will need to be "listening" to an Access device that will be sending a Json in the POST Method. To do this, I created a (simple) API to do this monitoring and respond with a True or False.

Problem: I need to direct the Post to the Device API url, how can I do this?

public IActionResult EntradaAssociado(

        [FromBody]AcessoAssociadoDto enviarAssociado            



        var associados = _context


           .FirstOrDefault(associados => associados.Matricula == enviarAssociado.Matricula);

        if (associados == null) return NotFound();

        var associado = _mapper.Map<AssociadoDto>(associados);

        return CreatedAtAction(nameof(CarregarAssociadoPorMatricula), new { _matricula = associado.Matricula }, associado);


Thank you very much in advanceAt first I created the code by "listening" to the post from my base, which works. Now I need you to listen to the URL that the controller will make available

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