Cohere command r plus azure AI studio deploy endpoint 500's on search_queries_only request

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We've recently been testing out Cohere's Command R Plus chat model via Azure AI Studio.

We're using the target endpoint from the AI Studio deployment and appending /v1/chat to the URL. It works great with a normal chat request body like so:

    "message": "Which lego set has the greatest number of pieces?"

However, Cohere also offers query generation via a "search_queries_only" value in the body, but when supplied with a true value, it 500s every time with 'Internal Server Error':

    "message": "Which lego set has the greatest number of pieces?",
    "search_queries_only": true

To test things out further, if I supply a false value to "search_queries_only", it responds successfully just like my first json request body example.

May I get some help with this, please? This "search_queries_only" param is straight from Microsoft documention: Here

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