Troubleshoot field mapping - Azure openai on your data

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I'm calling Azure OpenAI on your data API. The API is connected to an Azure Cognitive Search index, which has the attribute "sharepoint_url".

I want to retrieve the "sharepoint_url" attribute in the output of the API call. Here is how I set up the data source argument of the Azure OpenAI call:

"dataSources": [{
  "type": "AzureCognitiveSearch",
  "parameters": {
    "endpoint": XXX,
    "key": XXX,
    "indexName": XXX,
    "inScope": "true",
    "queryType": "vectorSimpleHybrid",
    "embeddingEndpoint": XXX,
    "embeddingKey": XXX,
    "semanticConfiguration": "default",
    "roleInformation": "role-description",
    "filter": "",
    "fields_mapping": {
      "url_field": "sharepoint_url"

However, the "url" attribute that I see in the output is always null. I have triple-checked that there there is no typo in the attribute name, and that "sharepoint_url" is not empty in the index. Is there any configuration issue that I do not see, or any suggestion on how I can troubleshoot?

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