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Hi All,

I am trying to copy the files from Share Point to ADLS and referring to the below URL pipeline to achieve the copy functionality.

I need help to know how I can delete the file after the files get copied in ADF itself (not power automate). It will be helpful If you can explain with flow.

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    You can use a copy activity :

    • Set up your SharePoint source. You'll need to configure the linked service for SharePoint, which requires the URL of the SharePoint site and authentication details.
    • Specify the files or folder to be copied.

    Then, configure the sink like below :

    • Set up your Azure Data Lake Storage destination. Configure the linked service for ADLS.
    • Specify the container and folder in ADLS where the files should be copied.

    Next step, you need to set up the web activity to delete the file :

    • URL: Set the URL to delete the file from SharePoint. This URL will be specific to your SharePoint instance and the file to be deleted.
    • Method: Set the HTTP method to DELETE.
    • Headers: Add any necessary headers for authentication and content type.
    • Body: Add any required body content, if applicable. Usually, for a DELETE request, the body is not needed.
    • Authentication: Set up authentication. If SharePoint uses OAuth, you will need to configure an OAuth token.

    Finally you may need to create a dependency between the Copy Data activity and the Web activity.