Inconsistent Citations using Azure Open AI on my own Data

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Good morning

I'm creating a chatbot on my own data using gpt-35-turbo and Azure AI Search with query_type = Hybrid + Semantic. The index was created on Azure OAI Studio and my files are all pdfs, stored in a Azure Blob Storage. Currently, I'm using my chatbot on the webapp created by the deploy on the Azure OAI Studio.

If relevant

  • my documents are in Portuguese and my queries/questions are also in Portuguese
  • OAI : temperature = 0 and top_P=0
  • AI Search : top_K = 5 and Strictness = 3

The problem here is that, for the same query, I get different citations from AI Search. For example, for the exactly same question

  1. the chatbot some times returns 1 citation
  2. the chatbot some times returns 2 citations (where 1 citation is common to both tries)
  3. the chatbot some times returns 1 citation completely different than the others

Any idea on how I can make it more deterministic ? In other words, how can I replicate results?

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