Clarification on In-Place Migration Eligibility for Azure Database for MySQL Server

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Dear Azure Support Team,

I received a notification stating that our Azure Database for MySQL server is scheduled for in-place migration to Flexible Server during the maintenance window of 01/07/2024 - 02/07/2024, 23:00 - 05:00 UTC.

However, our server has Private Endpoints configured (which rely on the Private Link service to function), and according to the initial eligibility criteria, should make it ineligible for this in-place migration.

Could you please provide clarification on why our server has been included in the migration schedule?

Are there any recent updates or exceptions to the eligibility criteria that we should be aware of?

Additionally, if the documentation is not clear in this regard, I suggest updating it to avoid confusion. Here are the relevant excerpts from the documentation:

"If you own a Single Server workload with data storage used <= 100 GiB and no complex features (CMK, Microsoft Entra ID, Read Replica, Private Link) enabled, you can now nominate yourself (if not already scheduled by the service) for automigration by submitting your server details through this form."

"In-place automigration from Azure Database for MySQL – Single Server to Flexible Server is a service-initiated in-place migration during planned maintenance window for Single Server database workloads with Basic, General Purpose or Memory Optimized SKU, data storage used <= 20 GiB and no complex features (CMK, Microsoft Entra ID, Read Replica, Private Link) enabled. The eligible servers are identified by the service and are sent an advance notification detailing steps to review migration details."

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,


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Azure Database for MySQL
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    Hello Cosmina Alexandra Jelea (RO),

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A and thank you for posting your questions here.

    I understand that you are seeking clarification regarding an upcoming in-place migration of your Azure Database for MySQL server to a Flexible Server.

    To address your issues appropriately, do the followings:

    • Review Server Configuration
     az mysql server show --name <your-server-name> --resource-group <your-resource-group> --query "privateEndpointConnections"
    • Check for Documentation Updates
    az rest --method get --uri "" --query "value[?contains(name, 'MySQL')].{Title:title, URL:url}" --output table
    • Open a support ticket through the Azure portal and ensure you provide all necessary details and documentation excerpts. Use support and troubleshoot as shown below: User's image

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    I hope this is helpful! Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

    ** Please don't forget to close up the thread here by upvoting and accept it as an answer if it is helpful ** so that others in the community facing similar issues can easily find the solution.

    Best Regards,

    Sina Salam

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