How to stop just one web application running under "Default Web Site" in IIS 10?

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I have IIS 10 running several web applications under "Default Web Site" I want to just bring down one application.

How do i do that?

This is an web forms web application running .net framework 4.8

Note: I am not wanting to shut down the entire "Default Web Site" site but just one web forms application running under the site.

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  1. Michael Taylor 50,026 Reputation points

    If you mean "running under" that you have subapplications (they show with a colored icon) that run under the site then you can stop the app pool it runs under. You can quickly figure this out by right clicking the "app" in IIS Manager and seeing if it says "Convert to Application". If it has that option then it isn't an app.

    enter image description here

    If the app is running under a shared app pool then you have to stop all apps running under that app pool. That is why it is generally recommended that you don't use subapps and that, if you do, then you run them in separate app pools.

    If the "app" is a virtual folder (not an application) then you cannot stop it because it is simply a folder under the main site. You would have to stop the whole site to make it inaccessible.For ASP.NET apps you can also take the app offline by dropping an App Offline file into the root directory. This doesn't stop the app but prevents people from accessing it.

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  1. AgaveJoe 26,676 Reputation points

    One option is to open IIS Manager. Select the site you wish to stop then click stop. Stop is on the right side of IIS Manager under Manage Website. You can also right click the application -> Manage Website -> stop.

    Another option is clicking on "application pools". Select the application pool assigned to the application and click stop. This assumes you have separate application pools for each application.

    Lastly, we cannot see your configuration, stopping a single application might not be possible.

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