Confidence score clarification

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I was doing Azure Language studio exercise using this url and trying Sentiment and opinion mining tryout

Question is: confidence scores at the sentence and document-level, but what i observed confidence score is same as positive %. So is confidence score is all about positivity? My understanding is either positive or negative or neutral, confidence score is about how confidence model is about the sentiment.

For below e.g., here positive score is 73% and sentiment confidence score is 73%. Make sense.

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But on the other side in below example, here in this case, my understanding was confidence score should not be 0% but it should be about how confidence is model even the sentiment is negative 97%. Seems it only reflect when it is positive. So question is - Confidence is only about how confident in positive sentiment, doesnt reflect negative sentiment or neutral sentiment?

Can you clarify? I tried with neutral example also, but again it only relate to positive

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